Posted by: bbannan | April 15, 2009

Corporate Design Foundation – Matthew S.

Given that this week’s topic is, “Reporting and Corporate culture issues,” and Carl’s article regarding the design mindset that exists at apple, I was interested in finding resources that dealt specifically with issues of Corporate Design and the cultural impact of design on corporations.

My research led me to the Corporate Deisgn Foundation (

“Corporate Design Foundation, a non-profit education and research organization, was founded on the belief that design can make a major contribution both to an individual’s quality of life and to a corporation’s success, and that both individual and organizational interests can be served through the effective use of the design disciplines: product design, architecture and communication design. Accordingly, our mission is to improve the quality of life and the effectiveness of organizations through design.”

As you browse through their site, you can find a great deal of information pertaining to corporate design and how this organization functions in fostering corporate design. There are a lot of very interesting components of the site.

I was drawn to their areas of research in particular:

They’ve identified 5 areas of research
• Innovative Product Design and Development
• Sustainability Courses
• Multidisciplinary Courses
• Workplace Design
• Design Practice

I found it interesting that not only are they focusing on Product design and development, but there seems to be an active interest in sustainable design. I expect we’ll hear more and more about this concept as time progresses, and there are some interesting articles on sustainable design in their most recent journal.

As I poked around this site, I kept finding more interesting content regarding corporate design, and I’m looking forward to reading more of their journal and continuing to explore the resources I found here. I hope everyone finds this website interesting.



  1. This article reminded me of an Op Ed I read recently in the New York Times – End the University as we Know It ( ). Where these two articles agree is in the idea of college education being less focused on specialization and more focused on interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary approaches to learning and problem solving (and, presumably, design).

    While I am intrigued by this idea, I am very curious how such a curriculum would be implemented. Who would decide what facets of different disciplines would be emphasized, and which ones less so? Definitely an important question to keep in mind when designing these innovative programs.

  2. Thank you for this blog it was very helpful. I will be sure to share it. Very informative but not too difficult to read. Awesome blog thank you.

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