Posted by: bbannan | March 31, 2009

Competitive Research – Hank

Chapter 14 provides a thorough overview of competitive research, and it should sound familiar as we conducted competitive research last fall in EDIT 730. We’re seeing once again the “R” word, research. Getting immersed in the subject matter is key to developing and asking appropriate questions. Asking and answering basic questions such as “what is the gap in the marketplace” or “what makes our product necessary” or even “how does it succeed where existing products fail or have significant shortcomings” help get us started but are not sufficient in and of themselves.

It was interesting to visit the BNET Business Network at and share their perspective on competitive research.
They define step one of the competitive research process as “Establish the Strategic Problem.” The goal is to define the question before beginning the search for answers. Further down under the “Big Idea” they describe SWOT Analysis and Five Forces Analysis as two of the basic frameworks for competitive analysis. Do these tools differ significantly from the processes described by Kuniavsky? Do they have utility for the type of competitive analysis we conduct as part of instructional design?


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