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Log files and Customer Support:

Reading chapter 13 from Kuniavsky regarding information about your customer is usually an area that is overlooked, especially with small websites, however large corporations really use this information on how their new look and feel for a whole redesign will look based on feedback from certain area.

I maintain a few small websites for friends that have small businesses and I have show them how to use the back-end or log files to see where there users are going and what pages they like to visit and so on and it is helpful. My previous work I was at this huge co-op of electric business and this was very important for all decisions regarding .com area of business, for example they had a blog that no one used and after hiring a specific person just to answer blogs was let go because it was not necessary to have it on their website. On the other hand this company has a section called NRECA Youth tour and it was popular that more media features were added to retain the attention of this audience:

Feedbacks on websites are also useful sometimes as a designer you do not want to hear anyone else�s comment because you think your design is the best but it is not and sometimes you need to get feedback from various groups , being peers, or the public.

When you create a website everything makes sense to you because you know it but another person does not, obtaining an outside person that has no knowledge of your site is a great idea.

A great site that keep track of where you been and what you looked at is I am always amazed whenever I log on to this site and see what I might like or find interesting suggestions , like how do you know?

There was a brief information regarding AOL and how they keep track of who clicks the banner of advertisement and I found this interesting a few years ago I did research of the topics of web banners and found out there is an Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB)

I was surprised I could not believe this but it makes sense as designers we need to keep and maintain certain measurements, and what great information do they have about the measurements of the banner and also how long a interactive banner should be (15 seconds).
I thought this was interesting.

Great places where you see this apply newspapers that are online:


Rossana Villalobos


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